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M. B. -- Greenville, SC
10/31/2006 -- 02:38:51 PM

Miss Maine's fall season.  Made some whoopie pies to share with the southern folk.  Think I got them hooked!!

Judy ( ) -- Citrus Hills, FL
10/29/06 -- 09:04:21 AM

to all my fellow exilers...I'm GOING HOME...only for 5 days but its " betta then nothin'"  Can't believe it'll be really cold and I'm leavin FL..Wayne and Steve and Maraveen where are ya''I havent seen any posts for awhile, hope alls well.And Bump Orr..? So on Nov.10th I'll fly to MA then on to ME (HOME) thank heaven my sista's got a birthday or it'd be summa fore I got home agin. Gonna eat Amato's italians, lobstah for three meals a day and TRY to find a good clam cake or ten. Hope this little trip will satisfy my soul for awhile. Best wishes to all

Ralph Kelly ( ) -- Elk Grove, CA
10/29/06 -- 12:02:17 AM

I called Amatos after the last time I went home. They told me they do not ship sandwiches whole. they do however ship the bread which is the only part you cant get any where else. They do it thru the catering dept.

Patty Moore ( ) -- Lemoore, CA
10/26/06 -- 03:30:45 PM

Does anyone remember JJ Nissan Bakery in Portland off Washington ave? I remember that they used to make an outrageous maple walnut cake. Does anyone have any idea what happened to them or how to get one of those awesome cakes?

Nancy Kelley-Cram ( ) -- Wake Forest, NC
10/22/06 -- 06:25:49 PM

Hi fellow MIE's!  I just returned from a week on Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks of NC...I was at a seminar for teachers and was learning about commercial fishing.  We had a opportunity to fish with three local fishermen using gill nets and pound nets.  It was so much like home, I was extremely homesick. Fortunately, the need of getting to the salt water, even if it isn't Maine, was fulfilled.  The folks there, the High Tiders, or Downeasters as they call themselves have an accent so much like coastal Maine...a throwback to the folks who settled both areas..Olde English you know!  I've had my fill of flounder and shrimp...still need a lobster fix I'm afraid.  Can you believe these fishermen had never had a molasses doughnut?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I can only find them in Washington county when I go home to Milbridge.  These folks are struggling to maintain their way of life, just like the fishermen in Maine.  I miss Maine, and am looking forward to the return of the loons who winter on my lake on the NC/VA border.  At least some of the locals come South and keep me company.  I go home every chance I get and will be back soon.  My best to all. 

Cookie ( ) -- Ithaca, NY
10/22/06 -- 12:35:42 PM

Just returned from a trip back home to see the folks. First meal back: ham Italian, whoopie pie; Moxie. Went grocery shopping for the stuff you can't get in NY, too. I should have enough Moxie for the holidays now! Enjoyed driving around the countryside, but alas, no moose sightings. I slow right down when I see the signs, though. I'm always looking out for moose (which is good policy in general while driving up there).

BTW: here's an interesting link for Exiles, especially those in the D.C. area:
I just found out about these folks by searching for "bean supper"+"Maine" (was looking for public suppers back home) and found that this group puts on a bean supper in the DC area every year. I think that's wicked good! They promote Maine, Maine products, Maine culture, and also raise money for scholarships to Maine students who go to Maine schools (they also sponsor the Maine Cherry Blossom queen who represents the State at the National Cherry Blossom festival). Interesting website. Check it out!

R. B. -- New Albany, IN
10/21/06 -- 08:04:38 PM

Carol in NJ: Amato's website is, though I didn't see anything about shipping sandwiches. 

My first job after graduating from UMaine was in Princeton, NJ; what a culture shock!  Traffic and people everywhere.  I brought a whoopie pie in my lunch one day and nobody had ever seen one before.  Also, if I mentioned going to see the coast, nobody knew what I was talking about, it's the Shore! 

A. F. -- Conway, NH
10/21/06 -- 09:35:20 AM

I was born and raised in Carmel Maine....Left Maine with Husband for work....his. I LOVE MAINE

D. N. -- Millinocket, ME
10/18/06 -- 08:07:55 PM

Have been in the millitary for 15 years all over the world, but still a Maine boy to the core. I am know living in Colorado and in the Air Force. Still a Maine resident.
Go Stearns High, Go Black Bears.

R. A. -- Southern Pines, NC
10/17/06 -- 11:19:20 PM

Reading these messages is bittersweet - I am glad to know that others understand how much I miss Maine.

I was born in Waterville, and went to school at UMF & then lived for years on MDI.  Even though I lived other places (I did love Santa Barbara) my heart will always be in Maine.

We moved here when my husband was transferred and even though we have now been here 10 (long) years last month, it will never be home. Health issues, work and avoiding the cold keep us here.

We were back on MDI in August for my daughter's wedding & I cherished every day we were there.  We try to get back every year and would love to find some little place we could afford so we could spend more time there. I guess we all need to win a lottery or find a grant to bring exiled Mainers home!

Carol Gale ( ) -- Howell, NJ
10/15/06 -- 10:38:24 PM

Would anyone know the e-mail address for Amato's. i heard that you can order sandwiches to be shiped .Would love to have one -three if possible. Will be moving home next year. Thank God
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Patrick "Pat" Soule ( ) -- Hampton, VA
10/15/06 -- 04:48:53 AM

Heading back to Virginia after a nice vacation in New England.  Stopped in Lewiston for a couple of nights to see my Dad and kid brother.  Stayed at the HILTON in Auburn overlooking the falls.  I vividly remember the stench and the scum that use to float at the foot of the falls back in the early 50s and 60s.  I could never imagine the day when there would be "green" by the river banks, let alone canoe & ballon festivals.  Thursday night we checked in and there was barely a trickle of water coming over the falls.  I awoke in the morning to find that the Hilton staff had contacted CMP and turned the water on, water was gussing over the falls allowing me to capture numerous pictures.  So,I have go tell ya, the Hilton does it right!  Oh,  by the way, if you had told me I would spend the night in a hotel by the falls in 1971 I would have thought you were a raving lunatic!  LOL

Richard Knapp ( ) -- Richlands, NC
10/3/06 -- 08:07:13 PM

Greetings to all patriotic exilers....we love (Red) hot dogs (White) american cheese and (Blue) berris......Just returned from a 36 day stay....Drove to the top of Mt Washington in NH what a great view of Maine from took the "CAT" from Bar Harbor to NS what a boat! Spent the last week working at the Cumberland Fair. saw a 1180 pound pumpkin couldnt believe it. Wonder how many pumpkin whoopie pies it could have made. I must report that Pats Pizza, Amatoes, Helens, Moodys Diner, Reds and Cole Farms are all florishing because they serve nothin but the best...well Chummies was a memorable visit as usual especially my families annual clam/lobster bake labor day weekend....with a bit of reluctance I crossed over the bridge at Kittery and headed back to North Carolina......Richard from Gray 

Steve -- Dallas, NC
10/2/06 -- 04:29:51 PM

These are old but ALWAYS bear repeating;

You Know You're From Maine When...

You've had arguments over the comparative quality of Fried Dough.

You call four inches of snow "a dusting."

You don't understand why there aren't fried clam shacks elsewhere in  the county.

You know what an Irving is and the location of 15 of them.

You knew all the flavors at Perry's Nut House.

Your car is covered in yellow-green dust in May.

You can drive the Augusta traffic circle without slowing down.

You've hung out at a gravel pit.

You think a mosquito could be a species of bird.

You once skipped school and went to Bar Harbor, Old Orchard Beach or Reid State Park.

Even your school cafeteria made good chowder.

You've almost fallen asleep driving between Houlton and Presque Isle.

You know how to pronounce Calais.

You've made a meal out of a Jordan's red dye hot-dog, a bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips and a can of soda.

You've gone to a Grange bean supper.

In high school, you (or a friend) packed Deering Ice Cream cones.

At least once in your life, a seagull pooped on your head.

At least once in your life you've said, "It smells like the mill in here."

There's a fruit and vegetable stand within 10 minutes of your house.

You crave Italian sandwiches at least weekly.

Your house converts to a B&B every July and August for people from away that
you happen to know.

All year long you're tracking sand in the house-from the beach in the summer
and the roads and sidewalks in the winter.

You have to have the sand cleaned out of your brake system every  spring.

You do the majority of your shopping out of Uncle Henry's.

You've ditched the car on the side of the road somewhere because you thought
you saw some good fiddleheads!

You know a lobster pot is a trap, not a kettle.

You know not to plant tender crops until the last full moon in May.

You go to the dump and bring back more than you brought.

You've watched "Murder she Wrote" and snickered at the stupid fake accents.

You know how to find the rope swing at the quarry.

You take the New Hampshire toll personally.

You always wave when you see a Maine license plate in another state.

When you're supposed to dress up, you wear flannel with a tie.

There's too much "stuff" in your 2 "cah" garage to get either of your cars
into it.

You know what a frappe is.

L.L. Bean's not just a store, it's a way of life.

"The City" means exclusively Portland.

"Salt damage" is a viable insurance claim.

All of the traffic lights blink yellow at 10 o'clock at night.

It's not a storm - it's a Nor'eastah.

"Open 24/7" might as well be Greek.

More stores have "Bienvenue" flags than "Welcome" flags.

You eat ice cream with flavors like 'Moose Tracks" and "Maine Black Bear".

You know that a chocolate doughnut is not a white doughnut with  chocolate

You wouldn't eat beans in tomato sauce or Manhattan clam chowder if you were

As a child, you played outside in a snow storm without hat, mittens, scarf
and with your jacket open because it was just a little cool.

The area around your back door is referred to as "the dooryard".

You eat potato chips with flavors such as "clam dip", "ketchup" and  "dill

You call the basement "downcellah."

There is only one shopping plaza in town.

You use "wicked" as a multipurpose part of speech

Your pickup has more mud on it then the ground around it for a 15 foot

More than 1/2 the meat in your freezer is moose or deer.

You enjoy a hot chocolate more than a margarita.

If your "luxury vehicle" is a twelve-year-old 4x4 rustbucket on wheels.

If your dog eats better than you do, and more often too.

If you never say what you paid for an item but how much you "give" for it.

You've eaten Brown Bread from a can.

You check the weather, not by the news forecast, but by the Farmer's

If 'central heating' means a woodstove in the middle of the room.

If they sell 'Hot Hands' and 'Hot Feet' warmers at your local high school
football game.

Your raking and shoveling (possibly in the same day) meets or exceeds the
national 'requirement' of daily excercise.

The trunk of your car doubles as a freezer October - April.

You know which leaves make good toilet paper.

Your snow blower gets stuck on the roof

Driving is better in the winter because the potholes fill with snow.

You owe more money on your snowmobile than you do on your car.

You design your halloween costumes to fit over snowsuits.

You own three spices:  Salt, Pepper & Ketchup

You've worn a winter coat and shorts at the same time.

You measure distance in hours.

Your 4th of July picnic was moved indoors due to frost.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Maine.

Cindy ( ) -- Chesapeake, VA
10/2/06 -- 06:49:07 AM

To Jill, in Troy, Il.  There is a drug store in Bath,Maine on Front Street called Wilsons Drug Store.  They had an array of colors and sizes with the logo you are looking for.  Let me know if you have luck with them.  Good Luck   

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