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Ralph Kelly Sr. ( ) -- Beverly Hills, FL33465
2/13/06 -- 08:53:02 AM

For those interested in Maine Day in Zephyrhills.Its Sat, Feb.25, at the Lions Club on Dean Dairy Road,you should arrive about 9AM. The donation is 2.00. There is entertainment, doorprizes, and lots of Mainers, Usually 600 plus. Please say hello when you come.

Ralph Kelly ( ) -- Elk Grove, CA
2/12/06 -- 11:00:04 PM

Hi, Maine Day in Zephyrhills is Sat, Feb 25.

bill boyce ( ) -- panama city bch, FL
2/12/06 -- 09:41:06 PM

grew up on orr's island, brunsiwck high school graduated 1965...lived in portland area untill sep. more snow and cold. 

Joann -- Etna, ME
2/12/06 -- 08:56:59 PM

I left for Florida two yrs ago, and couldn't stay away. I made friends there but family here. Glad to be back.

Ralph Kelly ( ) -- Elk Grove, CA
2/12/06 -- 03:32:01 AM

To those of you wanting to know about Maine day Zephyr hills, my Dad helps put it together. I dont know when it is but I will post it tomarrow.

Cheryl Brown ( ) -- Auburn, ME
2/11/06 -- 08:29:07 PM

I've been reading the posts about ice fishing, and had to add my 2 cents worth! When we were kids, an aunt and uncle took my brother Mike and I ice fishing. We were probably around 10 and 11 years old. We spent a lot of time that day running from hole to hole when the flags popped, even though we only caught one fish. It was big, to a kid, and we had a blast. It was only years later that we found out they we trying to make sure we stayed warm out on the open ice, so periodically my uncle would trip the line so a flag would pop, because he knew we would start running.....

April ( ) -- Ventura, CA
2/10/06 -- 03:16:45 PM CA is nice and all but definitely not all it's cracked up to be.  No dunkin donuts, no andy capps hot fries, no good pizza, no italians...see where I'm going here?  LOL Does anyone know how to make the bread for italians from anywhere except amato's?  Also wonderin if anyone can help me make a pizza like I get from Sam's?  Any help for this exile would be super appreciated.  Otherwise, I'm stuck eatin mexican till July when I come back to visit.

Pat ( ) -- Ormond Beach, FL
2/8/06 -- 09:41:21 PM

to Lee Conary
If you get a response about a Maine reunion in Zepherhills...would you please email me with info.
Thanks, Pat in Ormond Beach

Beth -- Roanoke, VA
2/8/06 -- 05:48:51 PM

I just found this site. I've been in Virginia for nearly two years now. I am enjoying the differences this area has to offer, but will admit to missing Geary's Porter, Gritty McDuff's, fiddleheads, and kayaking with my friends! One of my favorite things about Roanoke is the view of the sunset over the mountains.

Stratton Wayne St. Clair ( ) -- Roanoke, VA
2/7/06 -- 06:56:15 AM

To R.C. What can I say? I am the world's worst fisherman (though I love it) if any fish is dumb enough to take my line it deserves to be caught. Besides I was drunk or I wouldn't have gone in the first place (at least they didn't take me snipe hunting LOL) all I know is I ate small fish...of course the people who took me could have been as bad a fisherman as me and we cooked up the bait instead. LOL

R. C. -- Richlands, NC
2/6/06 -- 05:14:09 PM

To Wayne St Clair....the woodstove non withstandidng ice fishing for smelts is not recommended as the season is from March to June and Sabbathday lake is far from any coastal waters .  a hand dip net is the reccomended method and a 2 qt per person limit.....Growing up in Gray we would go smelting many a times over in Yarmouth. Freeport and Brunswick/Bowdinham areas....You certainly are right about the yummie part as i sure can attest to that!

David ( ) -- Willimantic, CT
2/6/06 -- 04:38:38 PM

My family John and Maerice Howe parents and brothers and sisters were raised for some time on Rowe Farms in Newport Maine.
We had several family members from Troy, Unity, Pittsfield and other most beatiful towns.
My memories are of course growing up on the farm and going on milk routes with my dad delivering milk.
Those were the days while rememdering the family gatherings and friends.
I have been back several times over the years to visit and my wife and I have spend
time yearly at Old Orchard Beach.
There is no place like Maine.

I had taken a friend a few years ago to Troy with me to visit my Uncle Willis and low and behold the horse flies which we call them here are moose flies to him there.

I will always cherrish the great times in Maine and still desire to come back one day soon.

Thank you for inserting my message and may God Bless you all.

There is no place like Maine or the people.

PS: Does anyone have the Maine recipe for Whoopy Pies?

Stratton Wayne St. Clair ( ) -- Roanoke, VA
2/4/06 -- 07:54:28 AM

To A.D. you are right...that was my one and only attempt to go ice fishing...and the smelts we caught were indeed yummy...but ya know...there's something counter-intuitive about having a woodstove on the ice LOL LOL LOL!!!

Lee Conary ( ) -- Winter Haven, FL
2/3/06 -- 04:41:25 PM

I moved here from Bangor,Maine.  I am trying to find the date and location of Maine Day in Zephyrhills,FL.  Can anyone help me?

A. D. -- Daphne, AL
2/2/06 -- 07:00:15 PM

To Wayne in Virgina, obviously you have never gone fishing in a shanty with a woodstove.  The warmth and the smell of the fire is great when you're fishing.  Oh to be home and spending the late hours in a shanty in Bowdoinham listening to the ice crack and having freshly fried smelts with a loved one and good friends!

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