We've lived in Exile.

We're back in Maine now, but we remember EXILE vividly --- lonely --- frustrating --- no wicked good anything in sight.  So we created a website just for you MAINE EXILES.

And guess what, chummie?  You aren't the only one who misses Maine and can't get anyone around you to understand why.  Take a look at messages from your fellow M.I.E.'s (Mainers In Exile) on the Messages from Exile board, and then post one of your own.  There are now over 6000 messages on the board, so get a cup of coffee and a doughnut before you settle in for a good long read. 

While you're here, scroll down through the guestbook and add your name and current place of Exile. You might even find an old prom date  -- or chaperone --  listed there.

And we've created some great Maine Exile Logo Products that you can order right here and use to identify yourself as a Mainer living in that strange and foreign land called "Away". We predict that by using them, you'll attract other M.I.E.'s  to you--maybe right from your own back yard.

Last but not hardly least, de'ah, put yourself on the Maine Exiles email list.  We do occasional newsletters and special announcements when we figure we've got sometime worth telling you about that can't wait till you stumble on it here. 

Email us and suggest what else you'd like to see here. Some of the best loved features and products have come from you wonderful, gormy, goofy Mainers.  It's your site too!

"Mainiacs away from Maine are truly displaced persons, only half alive, only half aware of their immediate surroundings. Their inner attention is always preoccupied and pre-empted by the tiny pinpoint on the face of the globe called Down East. They try to live not in such a manner that they will eventually be welcomed into Paradise, but only so that someday they can go home to Maine."

-- Louise Dickinson Rich


Maine Exiles logo tees

Amazing Music
of Mainers  CD

Christmas in Maine
New 20th Anniversary Edition

David Mallett reads from Thoreau's THE MAINE WOODS

Christmas In Maine, the Original Edition, CD and Tape

Limited Supply Maine Island Yarn


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